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Kleen Sites Geoservices, Inc. (KSG) is a multidisciplinary environmental services firm located in Lexington, South Carolina.  Our primary goal is to provide effective services for the wide spectrum of projects required to meet today’s environmental challenges.  As a team, we understand the critical need for comprehensive, environmentally sound and economically feasible services that consider all environmental concerns.  Compliance with RCRA, OSHA, CERCLA, and other state and federal regulations that govern contamination investigation and cleanup / abatement projects presents an unprecedented challenge to personnel in the environmental field.  KSG approaches each project with a “hands on” method.  Our practical field experience and extensive knowledge of the markets in which we compete provide us with the tools necessary to design and implement cost-effective solutions to a variety of environmental projects. KSG has successfully completed a wide variety of projects ranging from initial site assessment through contaminant investigation to site remediation / abatement.  We often provide a turnkey approach, taking projects from the planning / assessment phase through abatement / remediation.  We have worked for a variety of clients including municipalities, federal and state governmental agencies, large and small manufacturing facilities, and construction firms.  Additionally, we often work for attorneys, banks insurance companies, and homeowners.  A list of references can be supplied upon request.
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